Spencer Brothers



Current Licenses:

Licensed Master Inspector

Licensed Alabama Real Estate Sales Person

Licensed Alabama Home Builder

Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics (The University of Alabama)

Master of Divinity (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) Expected Graduation: Fall 2020

Master of Business Administration (The University of Alabama at Birmingham) Expected Graduation: Fall 2021

Hey thanks for stopping by! My name is Spencer Brothers and I am the founder of Sterling Home Inspector, as well as 1 of our 3 owners. 

For the sake of transparency, I like to be upfront and give you as much about me as I can! If you're interested, keep reading down to the bottom, but if you're not here is the basics: I built Sterling Home Inspection after seeing the poor performance in the inspection industry as I myself was (and am) Realtor. I grew up in construction under my father and uncle, and spent 4 years in the Navy as an Aviation Electrician. I performed hundreds and hundreds of inspections in the Navy, right before the aircraft left the ground. The Navy trained my "inspection eye", if you will, which made combining it with my construction knowledge an easy decision. I thought I could build a better company than what I saw on the market at the time in terms of inspectors. I think I did, but we will let the past clients and happy Realtors be the judge of that.


I'm an entrepreneur at heart, so my objective is to be innovative and provide an incredible amount of value. That's my business philosophy, so regardless of my industry, I will be found doing those things. I also believe in the constant growth of the company, so if you check back next month, we will probably be doing things better, faster, and smarter than we were before.

After I left the Navy, I used my GI Bill to attend the University of Alabama, graduating in 2017 with a double major in Finance and Economics. I'm currently attending seminary and preparing to go back for an additional graduate degree. Life is busy. Especially with the two beautiful kids and wife that I am so extraordinarily blessed to call mine.

As if this wasn't enough, if I'm not inspecting, spending time with my family, or reading, I'm almost certainly in the gym! I've competed in Olympic Weightlifting, Power Lifting, and ran several Ultra Marathons (50 Miles each). Remember that part about innovation? Well, check this out. I'm the only home inspector in our area that is constantly getting after it daily at a high level in the gym and on the trails, and because of that, I want to capture that journey. I put a page together called "The Athletic Inspector". Go check it out!

Why do I love home inspections? Hmmmm. Well, I can tell you that this is the best job I've ever had. There is just something about it. It doesn't feel like work in the sense that I have to make myself do it. We are three years in, so ask me in a decade, but I still find it "fun" to go to work! Unless I have one of those 20+ inspection weeks (ohhh yeah, I have those) which tends to not be fun, but if I can keep the inspections to 1 or 2 (not 5!) each day, then I go and have a blast. Winter is ok, summer drags by, but when fall gets here and the weather gets cooler (yeah right, Alabama) I could stay outside all day doing inspections. Perhaps the other reason if that I love putting my client's mind to rest in what is an otherwise tense situation. People often don't know the problems that the home can contain and that's the reason I'm brought it! Being to educate them in detail about the various components puts their mind and rest, which of course brings me satisfaction. 

What more can I say? I live in Alabaster with my family (1 wife, 3 kids, and a dog) and I attend church at Concord in Calera. We travel a good deal for my sporting events and taking the kids places they have never been, but aside from that, I'm probably in a crawlspace or attic somewhere, sweating bullets but still eagerly waiting to answer your call so that we can get your inspection booked ASAP.

I'd be happy to help.

- Spencer Brothers

Sterling Home Inspection

Personal Cell: (205) 960-1090

Email: spencer@sterlinginspectionservices.com

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