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What to Wear underneath a Crawlspace

What to Wear underneath a Crawlspace

What are the things you need to have on before crawling the dreaded crawlspace? 1. Suit 2. Mask 3. Goggles 4. Gloves Per Inspectapedia... Assistant or accomplice: do not enter an unsafe or confined space alone - station an assistant at the entry and maintain contact. Battery operated flashlight and spare flashlight. A spare light is important if the crawl area is large and you could be far from the entry - to avoid being trapped in darkness if your first light fails. Watch out: Dragging an extension cord and trouble light into a crawl area, powered by plugging the extension cord into a wall receptacle is dangerous unless the cord is protected by GFCI and AFCI devices. Cell phone or two-way radio - to summon help in an emergency Eye protection - in dusty areas full coverage eye protection or goggles are most secure; in low-dust areas, eye protection has the advantage of less tendency to fog up in humid work areas. Gloves - to protect hands especially if you need to crawl. The very thick welder's glove on our mock-up photo's right-hand offers the good dry-area protection but makes it almost impossible to handle a camera or other equipment. For wet areas, we wear heavy rubber padded gloves. Knee pads - we like the gel-type knee pads shown in our mock-up photo - they make crawling easy on the knees, and their thickness keeps the legs and knees up off of damp surfaces. Protective clothing - jumpsuit, Tyvek suit (shown in our photo), padded clothing Respirator, with cartridges rated for both organic chemicals and fine particulates - a HEPA filter and charcoal filter or other special filters may be required. Do not rely on a simple paper dust mask. Sterling Home Inspection, LLC Spencer Brothers, CPI Music: Morley & Speo - Hope [NCS Release]
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