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Skip the Home Inspection; Instead Consult a Professional

“You’re breakers are double tapped; consult an electrician.”

“You’re furnace has one burner that isn’t firing; consult an HVAC contractor”

“You’re roof looks kinda funny; consult a professional roofer”

“You might have mold in the closet; consult a licensed mold mitigation expert with at least 80 years of experience handling mold problems in closets in this neighborhood”

Funny how most inspection reports read this way.

Why not skip the inspector (the generalist) and hire the expert (the specialist)?

I could make a case for either, but i’ll defend my own and thus myself with this post.

#1: By default we are generalists, but we don’t have to stay that way. For example, I served as an electrician in the US Navy. That goes beyond generalist. Partner A in my company is a licensed home builder with 40+ years of hands-on framing and building experience. Not a generalist. Partner B is a Master Plumber. Once more, not a generalist. Bottom Line: Your inspector should be no means stay a generalist, even if the business itself requires them to be one. Get certified further. Gain more knowledge and skills.

#2: Can you imagine the nightmare it would be to coordinate 10+ trade professionals?

#3: Can you imagine the nightmare it would cost to pay 10+ trade professionals?

#4: How would you like having the professional who advises you, also be able to do the work at the same time? (“Yes sir, the whole house needs to be updated with new electrical wiring. It’ll cost $20,000 and I can start now”)

#5: Do you even know a cabinet guy? What about a foundation guy?

#6: Do you want to make 8-10 additional trips to the property?

#7: How about dealing with 10+ reports written by 10 different companies?

#8: Hire someone good (Sterling) and you ARE hiring the professional (didn’t see what one coming did you?)

Soli Deo Gloria,

Spencer Brothers, CPI

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