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"We'll Buy Your Home" Guarantee

​This video shows a real life example of how we stand by our guarantee. This is an authentic promise that we believe in putting our name on.

For more information:

Radon is a harmful gas that is emitted from the earth that can cause cancer and other health problems. Shelby and Jefferson County homes have moderate to high levels of Radon. Most Realtors often times recommend the addition of Radon to the home inspection. Radon test includes lab results and instruction on remediation.

Cost: $150 (with Inspection)

          $200 (without Inspection)

Mold is not uncommon depending on the age of the home and the conditions in which it has been maintained. Mold can cause adverse health affects and tends to get worse with time if left untreated. If mold is detected within the home, we recommend a mold test be performed. Mold test includes lab results.

Cost: $150 (with Inspection)

          $350 (without Inspection)

Pre-Inspections on the major components can save time and money during the closing process. By shedding light on areas that may come up during the buyer's inspection, you can make corrections to these problems without time being on the line and contract negotiations. We offer both full and limited pre-listing inspections.


Standard Pricing (Full Inspection)

Reduced Pricing (Limited Inspection)

Unlike other local inspectors we are licensed by the state to perform septic inspections, including finding, draining, and inspecting the insides of the tank prior to purchase. Instead of hiring an additional company to come out and perform an additional inspection, we eliminate the need by offering the full septic inspection in-house.


$150/hr (2hr min.) with Pumping Fee at $0.25 per gallon (with inspection)


Home Energy Scores are a relatively new concept in home inspection that offers to the client an opportunity to glance into how their home functions from an energy perspective. By taking corrective measures to correct for inefficiencies, clients often save thousands yearly in energy costs. We provide this service free upon request.

Cost: $0 (with Inspection)


To offer flexibility we offer new construction inspections in two formats: final inspection and phased inspection. Phased inspections enables us to inspect the property in multiple phases during the construction process ensuring defects are not concealed prior to completion. Final inspections take place after completion.

Standard Pricing (Final Inspection)

Call for Pricing (Phased Inspection)

We Believe In Providing Value

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